The Importance of Screening and Preventative Care

Here is the personal story of a co-worker, GK, who is happy to share her story about the life-saving experience by having her colorectal cancer screening.


How long have you worked for AH?

18 years at the time.

What prompted you to decide to get their colonoscopy?  Was this your first one?

I had just turned 50 and was going through many personal challenges at the time. So, the plan was to leave Florida Hospital. Therefore, I decided to do a full checkup before I left. Yes, it was my first.

Why hadn’t you gotten one before?

I was not qualified (younger than 50) and did not have a family history. There was no reason for a Colorectal Cancer Screening as I did not have any signs and symptoms. I lived a healthy lifestyle with no prior illnesses at all. My Primary Care Physician always said if his patients were like me, he would be out of business! However, during the screening colonoscopy, a 10-cm tumor was found that a later biopsy confirmed was the beginning of cancer.  If I had not done my CRC screening, I would not have known I had the tumor and would have been too late in the process. Screening saved my life.

How easy was the process – finding a doctor, scheduling, etc.

Working at Florida Hospital for 18 years, I knew Dr. R. Agrawal and called the office and made an appointment. And the colonoscopy was scheduled for the Monday after, on Feb 1st.

What other services offered to you have you used?

  I do my mammogram, pap smear and my annual physical and blood work every year.  

What other services from Employee Health and Well-being have you used?

 I do my biometrics and have taken CHIP program in the past to learn about a plant based diet and a healthy lifestyle. I make sure I do my annual checkup and other preventative care that I am responsible for.

How has this impacted your life?

 I am more aware of balance in my life. Meditation and yoga is part of my life now. I am eating healthier than before and I am staying on top of my appointments. Preventative Screening truly saved my life and I am grateful for Florida Hospital offering it for free to our employees. I don’t take life as seriously as I used to! I try to have fun and enjoy it as I have been given a second chance at life.

What life changes, if any, are you planning to make now?

More travelling and fun! Spending more time with my family, friends and try to give back to my community in different ways. Life is too unpredictable and short, and I don’t want to waste it worrying about things that have not happened yet!

Regardless of the health that you are in today, it can be improved with the help of your PCP in the network. If you don’t have a PCP, you can go to or please call 407-303-DOCS to select one near you. If you have a PCP call and make an appointment to have your yearly check-up done and take care of the screenings that you may need.



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