Good Friends, Good Health

When it comes to staying healthy, people who have lots of social contact with close friends, neighbors and co-workers fare better than those who see fewer people.

Research suggests six hours a day of social time is ideal for maintaining optimum health, faster healing, aging more successfully, and even higher work productivity.

In fact, every hour per day you spend with someone in your social network decreases your odds of having a bad day. Plus, you get more health benefits from friends who live close to you than from those far away.

So if you’re living alone, are a single parent or have recently relocated, how do you make friendly contact?

Watch for opportunities:

Join a club or go back to school. What better way to meet and get acquainted with folks who share similar interests?

Join a sports team or work out at your local gym or swimming pool.

Make the first move. Ask a friend to meet for dinner or a movie.

To foster relationships:

Stay in touch. Answering phone calls or email and reciprocating invitations lets people know you care.

Listen. Learn what’s important to your friends, and encourage them to talk about it.

Be grateful for your friends. Let them know they are important to you.


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